Our company is proudly Australian-owned and still growing after more than 40 years in business.
Cornick product range
VIP Vision

VIP Vision

Crucial Evidence. Always.

VIP Vision is the premier IP surveillance solution for enterprise, public, commercial and government level applications. For CCTV to truly grant peace of mind, we believe it must function seamlessly with your existing business operations. We deliver powerful, scalable IP CCTV systems, with an emphasis on functionality, ease of use and ease of installation across the range. You can stay connected from any location as many of our products have remote viewing capabilities, compatible with iOS, Google Android and Windows Phone devices. Rest assured knowing you have usable video evidence when it matters most with VIP Vision.

For more information, visit: vip-vision.com

ENSA Energy Saving Devices

ENSA Energy Saving Devices

Saving energy for our future.

ENSA is committed to building healthier environments through energy efficiency, by using less, we aim to achieve more. We deliver high-grade LED lighting solutions for homes, stores, offices and industrial settings and have a variety of lighting solutions from solar street lights to residential flood lights. Our wide range of recyclable LED lights aim to reduce energy consumption and pollution, minimising harm to our environment and saving on precious natural resources. At ENSA, we are always improving and investing in new technology to ensure our customers receive the most high quality, sustainable products & services available.

For more information, visit: ensalife.com

Watchguard Alarms


You deserve to feel safe, secure and protected.

Over the past decade the Watchguard brand has become a trusted and preferred name in the electronic security industry. By constantly researching and developing our Watchguard branded products, we have been able to stay on top of our competition, supplying leading edge reliable and technically superior products. All of our Watchguard products are both easy to install and operate and can be install by any handyperson. Please feel free to browse our website where you will find our extensive range of alarms and security surveillance products plus many other associated accessories.

For more information, visit: watchguardsystems.com

Rhino Vehicle Security

Rhino Vehicle Security

Australian designed and developed vehicle security products.

The Rhino brand of vehicle security systems was initially established in the 1970s. Starting with basic car alarm systems, the range soon expanded into central locking, vehicle immobilisation and SMS notification technology.

For more information, visit: rhinoco.com.au

Securview Victory

Securview Victory

Experience Your Moment of Victory.

Experience your own moment of victory by upgrading your existing analogue surveillance system to high definition with the Securview Victory Series. The Victory Series consists of a wide range of professional HD video-over-coaxial cable surveillance solutions built for commercial and residential applications.

The Victory Series is purpose-built to deliver confidence and peace of mind in your surveillance system. The range features up to 1080p full HD recording, enabling you to capture large images with fine detail. Don't be left wondering when you need to rely on your CCTV, ensure you have usable video evidence when it matters most. See below for three great reasons why you should choose the Securview Victory Series.

For more information, visit: securview.biz



The Genius of Electricity.

Our philosophy is based on Alessandro Volta, a pioneer of electrical science, where his invention of the first battery was a simple and reliable source of electric current. Like Volta we aspire to deliver high quality and reliable electrical products with an emphasis on competitive pricing. We have a diverse range of electrical components and adjustable LED lighting, ranging from flood lights to high bays, many popular because of their ability for smart WiFi control and mobile app functionality.

For more information, visit: avol.technology



Stay connected with all that you love.

Flashview sets a foundation for ourselves to follow the latest technological innovation, where we offer end-to-end security solutions with a strong focus on CCTV surveillance to create the necessary final touches for homes and businesses. Our LED & LCD monitors are built for 24/7 continuous video displays to deliver high quality images suited for surveillance playback. Incredible digital visual experience and quick response time for smooth operation with no blurring has made Flashview the monitor of choice in the industry.

For more information, visit: flashview.it



Bridging Networks With Ease

Longevity is renowned for providing a range of networking and communication devices to help bridge the gap between networks. At Longevity, we have developed and sold wireless solutions around the globe. With our experience, we aim to offer the best up-to-date products with unrivalled support to add value to you and your business. Easily connect your networks from one place to another with Longevity.

EasyPBX Business Phones

EasyPBX Business Phones

Business telephony systems for small to medium enterprises.

EasyPBX Business Phones aids in helping businesses to function without a geographic constraint. We will do whatever it takes for your experience with our products to be hassle free and seamless. With many years of experience in the industry, we have confidence to understand your needs and expectations. We provide the latest DIY phone system which offers a complete telephone communication solution that is very easy to self install and operate. We pride ourselves in supplying our products and packages at affordable prices so you can run your business more effectively.

For more information, visit: easypbxphones.com

Cornick Pty Ltd
Cornick Trade Specials PDF

Cornick Wholesale

Smart Technology Distribution

Cornick Pty Ltd has been an integral part of the electronics industry since 1978.

At Cornick we pride ourselves on our history of innovation in energy saving products, LED lighting technologies, electronic security and CCTV surveillance.

The main philosophy of Cornick is that we are dedicated to winning our customers more business. We achieve this by providing support through our well established brands, building a knowledge base and sharing it with our customers.

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Rhino Vehicle Security

RhinoCo Technology

Dedicated to winning you more business.

RhinoCo Technology has been an integral part of the electronic security industry since 1978. Our company is family-owned and proudly Australian with over 40 years in operation.

As an established electronic security wholesaler, we aspire to be genuine and transparent in all areas of our business. At our core, we strive to challenge the status quo, think of new ways to improve manufacturing, contract manufacturing, provide procurement and customised product solutions for our customers. We aim to be more than your electronic security wholesaler, offering engineering design house expertise to help you win even the most difficult installation jobs.

We also aim to provide excellent value to our customers through our diverse range of electrical & security products such as CCTV surveillance systems, alarm systems, LED lighting, intercom systems and other electrical goods. Our vision consists of our promise for; quality and satisfaction to customers, strong long-term relationships, our pricing and quality of our products to be competitive, and benchmarking to ensure we achieve sustained growth and adhere to the best standards.

For more information, visit: rhinoco.com.au

Volcanic Produce

Volcanic Produce

Organically grown, mineral rich food and beverages

We are specialists in organically grown, mineral rich foods and beverages. We source food and wine from the Mediterranean island of Sicily, especially that grow in the foothills of the active volcano of Mount Etna. Mount Etna replenishes the soil, regularly scattering mineral rich magma and ash across the landscape. This contributes to the unique black volcanic soils in which our produce is grown. We develop close relationships with our suppliers to source exceptional quality products that enrich your life. And we are proud to deliver it to you.

For more information, visit: volcanicproduce.com

Ferrara Italian

Ferrara Italian PDF

Ferrara Italian

Organically grown, mineral rich food and beverages

Ferrara Italian is deeply passionate about Italian food and beverages, that is why we strive to deliver to you an authentic Italian experience.

We source specialty artisanal products not found at your regular grocery store; these products are produced with Italian ingredients by Italian artisans who follow traditional recipes & production techniques to ensure authenticity, high quality craftsmanship & delicious flavour.

For more information, visit: ferraraitalian.com

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RhinoTracks Logo


Vehicle tracking and fleet management for small to medium enterprises.

At Rhino tracks, we aim to provide customers with anti-theft vehicle solutions through advanced location-based products and technologies. We believe in putting our customers first and bringing satisfaction and convenience through our technologies and high-quality security products. We are committed to providing reliable, award-winning products and assuring quality post-purchase support with a strong customer-oriented mindset.

For more information, visit: rhinotracks.com.au

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